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There has been talk for a long time about creating an application at the Ministry of Finance level that will enable the buyer to download issued fiscal receipts without the need to print them. This will be possible because such receipts are located in the central database of the Ministry of Finance. The introduced SLIM VAT    package also refers to changes in regulations in this area, let's see what the new wording will look like.


Attention! From September the regulation on sending fiscal receipts will [url=https://www.photoeditorph.com/]philippines photo editor[/url] be changed. Receipts may be delivered with the consent of the purchaser, in electronic form, by sending this document in the manner agreed with the purchaser, including using the IT system of the Head of the National Tax Administration intermediating in the issuance of fiscal receipts in electronic form, without the need to provide the purchaser's personal data We are talking about creating a receipt HUB, which is defined in the technical description as follows: Receipt HUB is understood as an.


It system whose main purpose is to receive and share receipts in electronic form transmitted by cash registers. The system is subordinated to the minister responsible for public finances The solution is dedicated to online cash registers and virtual cash registers The new solution dedicated to buyers/consumers will meet the following assumptions: the buyer will be able to collect receipts issued by many sellers in one place, an MF application will be made available that will enable this.

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